“Effective leaders coach their people and actively seek coaching themselves.”

– Robert Steven Kaplan

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

Throughout the year, Les personally coaches a small number of business owners.

These are one on one coaching sessions designed to help individuals make better choices, so they can achieve their most important business, personal and financial goals with confidence and certainty.

All coaching sessions are conducted on the basis of complete confidentiality, mutual trust and honest communication.

The minimum commitment is one year.

The main purpose of this life-changing process is to help business owners turn their complex challenges into simple practical solutions, so they can be free to live life on their own terms.

Jack Canfield
Bestselling Author, Co-creator of the
Chicken Soup For The Soul® series


Two 60 minute 1×1 sessions per month with a written review, including specific action steps after each session.

Yes. These are as follows:

Below are some qualifiers that describe the ideal person I can help most, such as the young CEO of a manufacturing company who doubled his revenue from $11 million to $22 million after his first year of coaching.

Here are the specific qualifiers:

  1. They must own a viable business that is producing more than one million dollars in annual revenue.
  2. Are ambitious and want to grow their business and profits by at least 50%.
  3. Struggling with some of the following challenges: working too many hours per week; feeling stuck; too many distractions and interruptions; staff concerns; cash flow issues; lacking clear direction and goals….or more.
  4. Are seeking guidance and direction and understand the value of working with a vastly experienced coach.
  5. They want financial freedom with less stress and more time off.

Occasionally an exception may be made in the case of unusual business circumstances. These are considered on an individual basis.

No. Les is very strict about this. You are paying for his unique expertise, not a substitute.

Step 1

Create a “Life Movie” – This is an inspiring process to help you clarify what you want your future to look like.

Step 2

The 90 Day Cycle – Every 90 days create specific goals for the next cycle.  These are designed to help you “live” your movie.

Step 3

The 7 Day Focus – Design each week by focusing on your Best Next Actions and completing 3 top priorities.  These are aligned with your 90 day goals.

Simple. 100% total confidentiality. Les’s mantra is, “what’s shared in the room stays in the room.

This program is all about creating results by making better choices and following through.  There are numerous strategies that cover every situation.  If you follow your customized plan, you can expect to double your income and at least double your time off.  Les’s passion is to help you “live” your Movie, the big picture vision you have for your life.

No. In fact many of Les’s coaching clients have been with him for several years. You can review at the end of each year by mutual agreement.

It’s totally customized to what you want, and to eliminate what you don’t want.

Each session is booked after the current one is completed, to suit your schedule.  Occasionally a date may need to be rescheduled.  Because of the small number of business owners that Les coaches, this is usually not an issue.  However, to build momentum and stay on track, it’s important to prioritize each appointment.

Very good question! Les’s coaching focuses on creating an excellent quality of life, especially personal and family life. Financial Freedom and making your business fun are also important factors for eliminating stress and worry. When you focus on what you do best at work and let go of the rest, you will experience these rewards.

Your Next Steps:

Take the 2 part quiz

  • Clarify what you want less of, that’s holding you back.
  • Clarify what you want more of that would significantly enrich your life

Coaching QU. 1&2

Review the qualifiers for being personally coached by Les (see FAQ #2)

Arrange a Free 30 minute consultation with Les to discuss your current challenges, have your questions answered, and determine where you would like to be in one year’s time.

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