The best way to evaluate working with a professional coach is to check their track record.

It’s all about results!

Here are some candid comments from Les Hewitt’s clients:

“I have been doing one on one coaching with Les for over 5 years and I have no intention of stopping. I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs myself so I know a lot of the tricks and know who is the “real deal” in advice giving. Les has helped me with several decisions that have not only been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me, but has also helped me avoid making bad choices that would have made me steer into the rocks. Very few other people who call themselves coaches have the experience that Les was able to bring into my key decisions. If you are just looking for a coach, there are hundreds of people that can fill that role. If you are looking for someone with true insight who can help you prosper not just financially but in your relationships and balance, Les is the guy to go to, period. If you are fortunate enough to get Les to coach you – do it! In 5 years from now you will probably be writing a testimonial just like this one.”

Sam Beckford, The Small Business Millionaire
CEO, Successful Studio Strategies

Wade Webb

“In just over a year with Les Hewitt’s personal coaching, I have transformed my business and personal life. I wrote and published my first book, Easy Money, ended a commitment that was demanding more than 200 days of my year and launched a revolutionary digital product that has huge potential for creating passive income. Les has helped me create an exciting future vision for my life. I’m now enjoying a lot more time off, significantly increasing revenues and doing what I love to do more than ever.”

Danny Hooper, BAS
Canada's #1 Fundraising Auctioneer

“The Power of Focus has turned my life around. I just realized my dream of opening my own recording studio and my debt burden is almost eliminated. On top of that, I have since met and married the most perfect woman I could ever have hoped to meet. Your ideas on building excellent relationships really do work!”

Tony Hunter
Freedom Creative Music Centre

“Just one strategy from Les Hewitt produced 40 sales for us in two weeks, a total of $732,000. And that was only testing it with one client.”

Dwight McLellan, President
CD Properties

“I am realizing profound changes. Due to creating better habits I have regained my health, eliminated prescribed medication, lost 72 pounds in six months and practice regular exercise. I feel terrific!”

Bob Beninghofen, President
Berritt Inc.

“Taking more time off works! This year I treated myself to 4 weeks vacation and my income increased 56%”

Donna Marshall, Realtor
Century 21

“Les Hewitt’s system made me focus on the financial goals in my life and was a major factor in helping me become debt-free within eighteen months.”

Dan Smith,President
Porter Engineering Ltd.

“The strategy of reflective thinking increased the revenues of my company by 30% in the first year.”

Harry Fech
Handal Human Logistics Group

“I adopted the six week vacation strategy, made significantly more money and had my kids tell me, “Dad, you are way calmer,” all of which I attribute to The Power of Focus.”

Reid Schmidt, Partner
Cornerstone Law Group

“The Power of Focus program has given me the tools of confidence that allowed me to grow our company revenue by over 50% last year.”

Bernard Gobiel
Signal Craft Technologies Inc.

“Thanks to Les I’ve developed the focus and the clarity to make some tough business decisions that have dramatically increased my net worth and reduced my stress level. Thank you.”

Richard Dahl
Tempest Energy

“Les kept me focused on improvement, to the point that my business grew by 50% those two years. Thanks Les—a terrific program.”

Michael Broadhurst
Vision 2000 Travel

“The Power of Focus has given me the tools to not only take my business to a much higher level but to take all facets of my life to a higher level. The program has given me more than I ever thought possible. It was worth ten times the investment in time and money.”

David Udy
WealthCo Financial Advisory Services Inc.

“The POF program exceeded my expectations. I gained much, both personally and professionally. I increased my income and had more time off. My stress level is the lowest it has ever been. I now realize that I am in charge of my life. I can make changes and grow. Many thanks.”

Jim Wright
Wood Windows Specialties Inc.

“Since I started The Power of Focus program I changed my business direction and saw my company flourish beyond my wildest dreams.”

Gary Browning
Browning Design Inc.

“Your contribution has helped me earn a promotion while decreasing my work week from 65+ hours to less than 50. As a new father, these changes are priceless.”

Kurtis Leinweber, Principal
Foundations for the Future

“Due to The Power of Focus my net worth has increased by 75% and I’ve come to appreciate the worth of personal relationships and the effort needed to maintain them.”

Robert Stubbs
Blair Stubbs and Associates

“When I first started using the POF my life was definitely controlled by my job. I also had some really bad habits and was the best at procrastinating. Now I am able to separate myself from my business while increasing my net worth by 60+%. Thank you for giving me the tools to self-manage myself to a higher degree and to learn to get the most out of life in every aspect.”

Phil Driedger
Hardcore Gym

“The Power of Focus program has given me tremendous tools and strategies for creating effective change in my life, and my business. For example, using just one strategy I was able to increase sales for my company by 246% in one year.”

Peter Jarman
Trimax Inc.

Shawne Duperon
Communications Expert and 6 Time EMMY Award Winner

Les Hewitt keeps the audience enthralled – not with hype, but with practical content that changes lives.

“Thank you so much for delivering exactly what we were looking for!! You were focused, articulate, passionate and timely.”

Anthony Milonas, Vice President
Greyhound Transportation Corporation

“You provided practical tools and support for our 400 leaders to use as they address the challenges before them. All this plus your personal delivery which was relaxed, entertaining and inspirational.”

Christine Croucher, Executive Vice-President

“I applaud you for delivering a content-rich program that was sincere and passionate in its delivery. The strategies you revealed were practical and can be applied immediately in the workplace. The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had from our corporate clients proves we made the right choice.”

Ken King, President & CEO
Calgary Flames Hockey Club

Exceptional charisma combined with measurable results – that’s what wins the applause of the world’s top motivational speakers and business leaders.

“If you want your organization to truly benefit from The Power of Focus, Les Hewitt is the expert. He’s the real deal. I know, because he’s done the same for me.”

Jack Canfield, Co-creator
Chicken Soup for the Soul ® and The Success Principles

“Les Hewitt has always shown integrity, concern for individuals and a passion for continuous improvement. He is uniquely qualified to coach individuals who want more out of life.”

Jim Rohn
America's most respected business philosopher

“Les Hewitt is one of North America’s finest professional consultants and trainers on success and achievement. His insights and advice are outstanding, and will change your life for the better almost immediately!”

Brian Tracy
World-renowned speaker and seminar leader

“I have now attended Les’s workshop twice and I was reminded that sometimes life goes by so fast you need to consider the bigger picture. That is, to focus on what is important and take care of yourself in the process. Balancing work and family is challenging, but essential for quality of life. Les brings clarity to the importance of focusing on goals and provides real tools for changing unproductive habits. If you ever have the opportunity to attend his presentation, take it!”

Shelley Armstrong, Chief Administrative Officer
Flagstaff County

The Power of Focus will change your life. It will motivate you to take those small, daily, weekly and monthly actions that will eventually compound your life into a masterpiece. Buy this book immediately—and get started.”

Robert G. Allen, Author
Streams of Income

“Without focus, it’s hard to build a successful business. This book is an effective road map that will really keep you on track.”

Paul Orfalea, Chairperson and founder
Kinko's, Inc.

“I have watched the life of a friend of mine transform and flourish. She has followed these focusing strategies for personal growth and success for four years. This is not theory—this is dynamite—it changed her life, and it will change yours!”

Lance H.K. Secretan, Author
The Spark, the Flame and the Torch

“You can be successful at anything in half the usual time by learning how to get focused and remain focused, and this book will show you how. The Power of Focus should be a business bible for anyone just starting out, as well as those already established who want to maximize their productivity and income. I own eleven Mexican restaurants. If you want the ‘whole enchilada’, read this book.”

Tom Harken, Author
The Millionaire's Secret, Horatio Alger Award recipient

The Power of Focus literally changed my life and my career when the first edition was published. This revised version is even better and for me confirms that the authors’ products and programs are now a one-stop resource center that is so complete, you won’t need to look elsewhere.”

Dan Clark
International speaker, consultant and bestselling author

“A powerful practical book that will inspire you to achieve your dreams”

Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., Author
Real Moments

“Implementing just one idea from The Power of Focus added one million dollars to our bottom line. That’s what I call an excellent return on investment!”

Ralph Puertas, President
Zep Manufacturing Canada

Les Hewitt’s unique audio program,The Complete Focusing System, consists of 19 hours of content rich business and personal development strategies. It has inspired thousands of people around the world.

Here’s a few comments from our happy customers.

“I just received my Complete Focusing System and it is absolutely amazing! I didn’t expect anything less because everything you do is always of the highest quality and integrity. This program far exceeded my already high expectations.”

Kelly Bouchard

“These executive interviews turn my downtime into learning time. Plus I don’t need to buy full CD sets to get the essence of the message. I never have time to read a book but do make time to listen to the programs on my iPod. Really has made an impact on my busy lifestyle!”

Bonnie Humphreys

“I find the audios to be refreshing and inspirational. The more I listen to them, the more I learn. And I listen to them over and over again. The tips and reminders are excellent tools to keep me focused.”

Alex Kluge

“The in-depth interviews gave me access to the people whom I may never get a chance to meet. Some of whom I never knew even existed. Role modeling successful people is a key strategy for success. The one thing that I have implemented is taking 100% responsibility for my life choices, including my actions and my results.”

Jay Gabrani

“I really enjoy this program. From sales tips to life balance tips these are excellent messages that are easily digestible on my morning drive to work. More and more I find myself pulling out the CD’s from my car and heading into the office with them to show others what I have learned. I don’t do that with any other audio textbooks!”

Steven Javor

“I am a strong believer in mentorship and always strive to avoid reinventing the wheel. What better way to learn than to listen to these leaders who have already accomplished great things? Through Les’s audio collection, I am able to learn the secrets of some very talented and successful people and apply their thinking to my own daily routines and to the building of my own business.”

Ryan Chernesky